Thursday, October 25, 2007

The End of America

Naomi Wolf discusses her new book The End of America, already on the New York Times bestseller list. The book identifies ten classic steps common to all dictatorships -- including those of Mussolini, Hitler and Stalin. Alarmingly, Wolf makes the case that each of these ten steps is occurring in post 9/11 America today. The book is a call to action for young and concerned Americans and this interview intimately frames this important discussion.

It can happen here. If you watch the interview it will scare the hell out of you.


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

More Proof

Bomb bomb bomb,bombbomb Iran.



Just a quick check-in.

Chris Dodd is still doing it. From an email today:

Let's get right to it and talk about how we stop retroactive telecommunications immunity from becoming law.

The way I see it, there are three ways to get this provision stripped from the final bill:

1.) The first step would be to make sure the idea doesn't make it out of the Senate Judiciary Committee -- where it will be considered shortly.

If we can get it stripped there, it will have to be offered as an amendment to the overall bill where it will be a lot easier to get 41 votes against retroactive immunity than 41 to sustain my filibuster if necessary.

Take a moment and call up members of the committee, let me know what they said, and join others in tracking our progress in stopping the provision right there.

The other two ways:

2.) If retroactive immunity does make it out of committee, Senate leadership can honor the hold I've placed on any legislation that includes retroactive immunity.

3.) If leadership does not honor my hold, I remain committed to filibustering, and working to get the 41 votes necessary to maintain it.

This has the potential to be a long fight -- so let's build a solid foundation for our effort today by asking members of the Judiciary Committee to vote against any FISA bill that includes retroactive amnesty.

I'd like to see a little more spine, frankly, on these issues. People tell us they want to lead, but a little leadership right now would certainly be welcomed on these questions.

I don't want to, but I'm not afraid to do this alone.


We keep yapping about wanting spine in Dems. Here's a chance to reward good behavior. Take a moment and go sign the petition, consider making some calls and maybe even voting with some $$$$.


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

U.S. of ATM

Naomi Klein nails it.

If government is now an ATM, perhaps the war on terror is best understood not as a war but as a sprawling new economy, one based on continued disaster and instability. In this economy, the Bush team doesn’t run the venture exactly; rather, it plays the role of deep-pocketed venture capitalist, always on the lookout for new security start-ups (overwhelmingly headed by former employees of the Pentagon and Homeland Security). Roger Novak, whose firm invests in homeland security companies, explains it like this: “Every fund is seeing how big the [government] trough is and asking, how do I get a piece of that action?”


Sunday, October 21, 2007

Until Next Time

I'm taking off on a week-long vacation so my blogging is likely to be rather spotty. I know Lynne will keep you all entertained well.

Keep your eyes on Turkey and Iraq, I think I hear ticking coming from that region.