Friday, December 28, 2007

The Evidence Mounts

See my previous theories on Musharraf being behind Bhutto's death:

The Los Angeles Times makes clear that "the attack occurred with devastating speed," and no one is sure exactly what happened. Some believe the shooter and the bomber were the same person, while others said "there were two assailants."The New York Times says some witnesses reported seeing a sniper firing from a nearby building.
Whoever is the guilty party, one thing is clear. Bhutto's fatal mistake was allying herself with the U.S. and Rice's initiatives in Pakistan.

Added: Now they're saying it was an accident? And no autopsy? Yeah, right. Ask yourself, who would benefit from such a story?

Added II: That famous whipping boy al Qaeda is being blamed by our intrepid media, who has swallowed the administration and Musharraf's story right down the line. And of course, Pakistan is providing all the evidence that is needed.

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