Friday, December 21, 2007

Oh NO!

Please. Bear with me. I'm going to sound old and cranky for a minute.

Well .... like usual.

But that doesn't mean I'm wrong.

I saw two stories in the first five minutes in front of my computer this morning about Jamie Lynn Spears being pregnant. Both stories included quotes from mothers like this one:

Yasmine shook her head. "I never expected her, of all people, to do this," she said, referring to the girl who in her mind is both Zoey and Jamie, the actress who plays her. "She's supposed to be the good one in the family."

High school girls who had already had their hearts broken by the all-too-public life of Jamie Lynn's older sister, Britney, known as a hard-partying mother of two, worried that their younger sisters would be devastated by the news -- or, worse, that now their sisters might think it was "cool" to be 16 and pregnant.
This is BS. If you, as a parent, are worried that your children will be "devastated" by the news that Spears in pregnant at sixteen, then you're quite simply an inadequate parent. To leave your children to learn about the world and it's complications via Nickelodeon is, in my humble opinon, virtually child abuse.

Jamie Lynn Spears and her show are entertainment ferchristsakes, not real life and not real people. If you aren't talking to your child about sex by that age (and you can check out studies and statistics on this if you like) then you are begging your child to have sex prematurely. And if you haven't taught your child these realities by the time they are eight to twelve, then I promise you that you'll have a world of hurt with your children for the rest of your (and their) lives.

No wonder the country is in the state it's in.

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