Monday, January 14, 2008

Awakening Alright

Who in the world could possibly forsee such a possibility!?

U.S. military commanders point to the "Sunni Awakening"—when Sunnis broke with al-Qaida and began working with America—as the most important cause of the decline in violence in Iraq. Now, says the LAT, the United States wants to shift those militia—dubbed concerned local citizens, or CLCs—to the responsibility of the Shiite government. The Iraqi government, however, is highly resistant to the former insurgents, causing the U.S. military to fear that the window for this opportunity might close. "If it doesn't embrace it, you could have the different Sunni Awakenings coming together as a Sunni army that tries to overthrow the government, pushing the country into civil war," a military aide said. "It's possible."
I'd say it's probable.

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