Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Does anyone really believe any of this? Remember, the LA Times is noted for crappy polls:

Whoever ends up winning the nomination will face a tough time against Sen. John McCain, notes the Los Angeles Times in its lead story. A new in-house nationwide poll shows 61 percent of voters view McCain favorably. McCain holds an advantages in several fronts as voters are more likely to rate him as the strongest leader who has "the right experience" and would be better at protecting the country and dealing with Iraq. On the economy, McCain gets higher marks than Obama but not Clinton. In a hypothetical matchup, McCain gets more support than either of the two Democratic contenders, leading Clinton by 6 percentage points and Obama by 2 points, which is within the poll's margin of error.
The key question asked was probably something like, "would you vote for that sweet boy John McCain or one of the evil twins, Clinton and Obama?

This is a non-story on so many levels, yet a very large national daily prints it.

If we are to have a chance of correcting the excesses of the past 7 years, it will only come through a resounding thumping of all Republicans in 2008. The message has to come through that the behavior of Republicans, not just Bush, has been self-destructive to the party. Without that, what's to prevent everyone from adopting the crappy governance tactics of the past two administrations?

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