Thursday, February 21, 2008


Rumor alert:

Lots of buzz about this woman, who is a Washington lobbyists, being very close to John McCain. Whether it's sexual of just bidness, it's not good if true.

Iseman, 40, who joined the Arlington-based firm of Alcalde & Fay as a secretary and rose to partner within a few years, often touted her access to the chairman of the Senate commerce committee as she worked on behalf of clients such as Cablevision, EchoStar and Tribune Broadcasting, according to several other lobbyists who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

McCain, after his unsuccessful 2000 campaign, has emerged as the front-runner for the 2008 Republican presidential nomination. His reputation as a crusader for Washington reform -- forged during almost 30 years in the Senate -- is based largely on his stinging critiques of the role played by lobbyists. He routinely decries earmarks, or pet projects, inserted into legislation. He has claimed repeatedly that he has "never, ever done a favor for any lobbyist or special interest group." It was this reputation that McCain's closest aides sought to protect.

"We were running a campaign about reforming Washington, and her showing up at events and saying she had close ties to McCain was harmful," said one aide.
She does look a bit like Ciiiindeeeeee.

Added: This in an interesting comment from Slate discussing the odd way the NY Times story is contructed:
The NYT then waits until near the end of the story to go back to the relationship with the lobbyist. Overall, the paper presents surprisingly little evidence that there actually was inappropriate behavior beyond the concerns of some staffers, which makes one wonder what was left out of a piece that was undoubtedly heavily vetted by lawyers. Of course, McCain and Iseman both deny there was any kind of romantic involvement, and yesterday his campaign issued a statement calling the story "a hit-and-run smear campaign."
Well, we have a possible career maker for a journalist with the stones to investigate.

As an aside, I don't agree that McCain's screwing around is really any more relevant than Clinton or any other politician. Frankly, I think it's no one's business but the candidates spouse. But those aren't the rules of the game as it's played today. Live by the sword, die by the sword.

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