Thursday, April 10, 2008

Final Petraeus/Crocker Comment

I just have to add one final observation about the recent testimony by Petraeus and Crocker.


The entire testimony was rife with fatigue. The Pentagon and Bush have given up on having any future policy, instead giving in to kicking the whole issue down the road. Bush doesn't want to deal with it. The Pentagon doesn't know what to do with it. Thus the entire situation is purely rudderless (which may be better than a rudder turned in the wrong direction? .... I'm not sure about that).

I've said before and will say this again. To be a loved one of a soldier who is serving, injured, or killed in Iraq has always had to be somewhat of an empty experience. But to now be injured or die during this "fatigue" period would be awful in it's waste. Like this:

BAGHDAD (AP) — Five U.S. soldiers died in Iraq, including three killed in roadside bombings in Baghdad and north of the capital, the military said Wednesday.

That raised to 17 the number of U.S. troop deaths in Iraq since Sunday.

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