Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Unlike Bush propaganda, the Iran/Iraq situation is complex:

Meanwhile, as U.S. officials are increasing their criticism of Iran's involvement in Iraq, the WSJ reveals that Americans received "back-channel messages" from Tehran that condemned the recent fighting in Basra. The Iranian messages apparently expressed concern that the fighting would get out of control and said that Tehran had no control over the Shiite militants. It's not clear why Iran would choose to communicate with Americans this way, and U.S. officials really don't know how much to believe, but they do recognize that Tehran played a pivotal role in brokering the cease-fire "that eventually ended the fighting in Basra."
The idea that Iran desires chaos on it's border is ludicrous. The current Iraq government, despite the widely reported crap, is very close to the Iran government. But Iranians also have the religious fundamental thing goin' on with al Sadr. In their own way, Iranians are stuck in the middle like the U.S. Really, the only thing they're getting out of it is that the U.S. is bogged down.

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