Friday, May 23, 2008

A Chip Off The Ol' Block

Kathy Hilton on her daughter Paris:

Kathy Hilton doesn't care if you think she's a bad mother. In an interview promoting her latest venture, a beauty line, Paris' mommy dearest spoke about the dark days of her daughter's jail sentence. Mrs. Hilton was horrified by her daughter's jail term, she said, and felt that the punishment was excessive.

During Paris' time in the slammer, Mrs. Hilton added, "People were even throwing excrement at the window of her cell." Paris was also subjected to wearing a scratchy, unflattering jumpsuit, which Mrs. Hilton found upon her release. "When I felt how rough it was—that thing was like sandpaper—I threw it away," she said tearfully. But Hilton says her kid's incarceration did have an upside: "I lost so much weight."

Damned those unfashionable scratchy prison uniforms! Perhaps they could have called in Yves St. Laurent to design something more appropriate?

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