Thursday, May 8, 2008

FISA Immunity

Progressives have been fighting the telecom immunity for a long long time. And successfully thus far. But it just keeps coming back. There's now a "new" proposal before Dems to consider yet another immunity bill. Digby gets to the keys:

This is an piece of legislation which we can feel proud to have battled back since last August. But Bush wants this one very, very badly for some reason and he's going to push it right up until the day he leaves office. It's a zombie. And it's not just about money. These are huge corporations that can easily afford to litigate these claims and since it is unlikely that any of the plaintiffs suffered huge damages they don't face outrageous financial liability. They don't even face much bad PR: if they lose, they just say they were trying to help the government fight terrorists and there won't be a whole lot of customers who will switch to other carriers when they find out they violated the fourth amendment. This is about the Bush administration and keeping civil liberties lawyers from having access to discovery documents.
There's something in those docs that is a bombshell. When it comes out (and it will eventually come out) we'll get yet another look at just how dictatorial and corrupt the Bush administration has been. My guess? Bush used the NSA to spy on political opponents.

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