Thursday, February 7, 2008

I'm Sure Now

A lot of us have been wondering who would be the better candidate in November. Now that we know the Rethugicans are going to choose grandpa Eisenhower Goldwater McCain, and given the Super Tuesday results, I think I can easily now make a choice.


Here's why. First, his youth will be a terrific contrast to McCain, who has to keep his 96 year old mother around to make him look young. Next, Obama has shown the ability to compete with independent voters (see: 2/5/08, Missouri, Colorado) which will be the stronghold for McCain. Either Democrat can win New York, but who can win Ohio, Florida or Virginia to name a few? Finally, Obama is much more likely to further (I say further because it's already electrified) energize the Democrats to work for him, support him with money (he's raised $7 Million since Tuesday as contrasted with this.), and get out to vote. Meanwhile, McCain is going to have a struggle to get out his base of conservative support causing him to run a very conservative general election campaign.

These elements are not unimportant as we look forward to not only a Democratic presidency, but perhaps a much strong coat-tail affect down ballot (a filibuster proof Senate anyone?). Therefore, despite some earlier reservations, I will fully support Obama for President.

Just a quick postscript on Super Tuesday. I really think the reason that the reliable polls showing Obama winning California and yet he lost (in the popular vote anyway, he still came away with a healthy dose of delegates) was due to early voting. A full 20% of ballots were cast early with Clinton putting in a massive get-out-the-vote effort on absentee voting. There are rumors of polling places entertaining a lot of voters who wanted to change their absentee vote, but were turned away (you can't). Without that, I think at a minimum, it would have been much much closer.

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