Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Big Wet One

When it was announced last night that John "Grandpa" McCain would be meeting (and annoited) by Bush today I thought the same thing:

David Gregory reports for NBC News: "A source close to Bush says McCain has to be careful with a Bush embrace.

"'Better to do it now rather than later,' this source says, 'Get it out of the way.'

"Bush can pass the baton to McCain to help with party unity and declare McCain the future of the party. McCain needs all those things. McCain, the source says, can then say to Bush, I need you to do these things without having to associate too closely with him."

You know that picture of McCain hugging Bush is going to play prominently in the November campaign. And given that 80% of the public think that we should "change course", it will be an effective ad.

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