Sunday, March 2, 2008


It's so tiresome to point this out again, but Diane Feinstein, among many other "centrists" who have been punked by Bush over and over again, got punked once again. Mukasey, head of the Justice Department, if refusing to enforce a Congressional subpoena. No surprise, but completely wrong:

Here is Pelosi's letter to Mukasey: "There is no authority by which persons may wholly ignore a subpoena and fail to appear as directed because a President unilaterally instructs them to do so. Even if a subpoenaed witness intends to assert a privilege in response to questions, the witness is not at liberty to disregard the subpoena and fail to appear at the required time and place. Surely, your Department would not tolerate that type of action if the witness were subpoenaed to a federal grand jury. Short of a formal assertion of executive privilege, which cannot be made in this case, there is no authority that permits a President to advise anyone to ignore a duly issued congressional subpoena for documents."

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