Sunday, March 16, 2008


Surely you've heard of John Edward's million dollar haircut. Or how about John Kerry's rich catsup wife? How about the Clinton's mysterious tax returns? But I bet you haven't yet heard of John McCain's "rustic" little cabin in Sedona:

Via Digby:

The Arizona Republic described it as a "rustic cabin"; National Public Radio described it as a "weekend cabin"; The New York Times called it McCain's "cabin near Sedona, Ariz."; the Associated Press called it a "cabin"; and The Washington Post -- which devoted two articles to the barbeque -- agreed that it is a "rustic cabin."


Now, there's nothing wrong with the fact that John McCain's cabin is so luxurious that it has a guest house out by the pool. Good for John McCain. But given the media mockery of John Edwards and John Kerry for their expensive homes, it's a little odd to see McCain's lavish home described so modestly as a "rustic cabin." Edwards and Kerry were lambasted as out-of-touch elites in part because of their houses; McCain's is described in the most favorable possible terms.
Your media. Bought off with a few ribs and a coupla beers.


Dorothy said...

The cabin is not located in Sedona but in a little inexpensive rural community that is so small that I assume that is why it is not named in articles for purposes of privacy.

It is most assured not even an average setting for a Sedona home.

It must be a nice get-a-way from the mainstream but the Clintons, Kennedys and Edwards familys would not be interested in this level of country life.

Greyhair said...


Because McCain "cabin" is small by Sedona standards isn't the point. Nor is it that liberals have money and large homes. It the difference in treatment by the media. How many schmoo's have any kind of second home, much less in Sedona. And why the descriptive difference in treatment by the media?

BTW, did you even watch the video?