Sunday, March 30, 2008

Your Iraq Update

The mess in Iraq continues apace. But there's been a diplomatic effort to stop the fighting. Not by the U.S. ... we like guns too much. No, Iran is calling for the fighting to stop fearing that it will delay the exit of the U.S. and weaken the Shiite hand in Iraq.

In response, Sadr has called for a pullback in his militia and Maliki is welcoming it. Given how "surprised" Maliki was at the huge resistance (see: Bush school of leadership) I'm sure Maliki welcomes an opportunity to save face and not loose his ass. Sadr in the meantime is able to declare de facto victory having survived, indeed having actually won, the confrontation.

Isn't about time to cue the Sunni's? Or perhaps a new offensive by Turkey in the north?

Added: A terrific, short, synopsis of the situation. Sadr wins strategically and tactically.

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