Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Problem Solved?

Whoa .....

Illinois Sen. Barack Obama is surging in Pennsylvania, according to several new polls. In one survey, released by Public Policy Polling this morning, Obama is now leading New York Sen. Hillary Clinton for the first time, 45 percent to 43 percent. That represents a closing of a 26-percentage-point Clinton advantage from only two and a half weeks ago.
Now the disclaimers. I have no idea of the track record of this poll and the lead is certainly within the margin of error. Other polls show Clinton maintaining a lead.

The CW is that Clinton will win Pennsylvania. A shadowy CW is that if Obama makes it close, the pressure will be immense for Clinton to quit. I suspect that if Obama actually wins, that might push Clinton over the edge to actually bow out. But I would also venture to guess that the odds of Obama winning are slim. But an Obama win would sure solve some problems wouldn't it?

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