Tuesday, April 15, 2008


There's a minor flap going on about McCain's campaign releasing "family recipes" that were in fact copied word for word from the Food Network.

With the usual panache, Attaturk found the real McCain family recipes:

Cindy McCain's special recipe for filet mignon.

1. Turn in direction of Consuela.
2. Say "I would like filet mignon".
3. Emphasized "NOW!"
4. Wait 10 minutes.
5. Enjoy

Cindy McCain's recipe for Peking Duck:

1. Send Consuela to China Town.
2. Don't let Consuela in house for 24 hours.
3. Enjoy

Cindy McCain's recipe for Kimchi:

1. Tell Consuela to make and kiln a large clay pot.
2. Have Consuela cut up cabbage & scallions.
3. Have Consuela dig large hole in neighbors yard.
4. Have Consuela put pot filled with cabbage and scallions in ground.
5. Open lid, have Consuela climb in.
6. Hire new Maid.
7. Have new maid bury contents for six months.
8. Deny knowledge of whereabouts re:Consuela to INS.
9. Enjoy.

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