Thursday, April 17, 2008


Some days, it seems like I can't put up blog posts fast enough for what's going on. Other days, like today, it just seems like a wasteland of interesting news.

I heard there was yet another debate last night. I've not watched for some time because of the repetition. Besides, I know the media will cover the really really important stuff like if Obama had a flag pin on, or if Clinton's hairdo changed. The spin by Clintonistas is that last night really really changed things. But then I read this:

Mark Halperin: "The Obama campaign tells Stephanopoulos that 'prominent Pennsylvania supporters' will switch their support from Clinton to Obama Thursday morning due to Clinton's negativity."
Put stuff like this together with the recent polls showing a whole lot of bad news for Hillary and you've got to wonder how much longer she'll hold out. Probably a lot longer knowing her unwillingness to accept that her team snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. However, I would imagine an upset victory for Obama in Pennsylvania would hammer the point home ..... maybe.

I'm getting primary fatigue. I know folks like Harry Reid are drawing comparisons to other primaries where the candidate wasn't chosen until early summer. But what he fails to mention is that the primary season in those years didn't begin the year before.

Added: Here's all you need to see in order to get a flavor of the atrocity of it all:

Is it just me or does Charlie Gibson always look like he's sucking on a lemon?

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