Friday, June 20, 2008

What We're Going To See

This is a cartoon from Pat Oliphant (click to enlarge):

Here's is a description of Pat Oliphant's creds:

No one is safe from the acid brush of Pat Oliphant, acknowledged by many as the nation’s most influential political cartoonist. A master of what he calls "confrontational art," Oliphant spares neither the liberal nor conservative, sinner nor saint. As the most widely syndicated political cartoonist in the world and a winner of the Pulitzer, he produces work that is as visually stunning as it is metaphorically powerful.
We're going to see just exactly how much racism is alive and well in America.


Lynne said...

Oh, it's very much alive here in the South. While out with some of boyfriend's relatives last year, the man mentioned that there aren't any blacks (he didn't use that word) working at his plant. They get around the minority requirement by hiring a Native American now and then. But blacks? No way. They will interview them but they don't hire them.
I also recall conversations with boyfriends acquaintances who were fostering kids. They would rail against the blacks (again, didn't use that word) for fathering kids out of wedlock, sucking up welfare, and so on, yet they had ALL done the very things they were bitching about. I'm reminded of the admonition that when you point at someone else with an accusatory finger, several fingers are pointing back at yourself.
It is so ingrained in the culture that people are just oblivious to it. Maybe Obama is just what we need.

elef said...

Hi, Greyhair

When are we going to hear from you again? Say, about job losses? infrlation? recession?

Missed you

Ramblings From a Young American said...

A cartoon, does not make racism.

Of course, you are likely from where? Likely one of the coasts? Yeah, what the hell would you know about racism?

You want to see real racism, and not what Lynne is talking about (oh no, did you hear what he said! He used the 'n' word! *gasp* Racism!), you better come out to Compton. You better come out here to South L.A. You want to racism, you should come out to Desert Hot Springs.

I can't go walk down to buy a drink before being acosted by a car filled with various Mexicans, blacks or otherwise. And heaven forbid they see each other! That's racism when they pull out their knives and start going for it... Cartoons? Please, I hate you for even thinking that makes racism. It's racism when they start fights at the school's, not when whitey cracks a racist joke... It's when people die because Mexicans and blacks want each other's jobs; that's racism you piece of filth. Not some cartoon. It's when they come to school, to hopefully be sent right back, with their gang signs and their war emblems.

Go buy a business from a Persian family in South LA. Go try to rent from one of them. Go try to have business at one of their establishments... I dare you, I dare you to go up to one of their houses. They don't communicate, this whole crazy country is unclean to them... And you say racism is embodied by a cartoon? No, fucking, way. You are delusional.

Go out to Compton, go out there... Whitey... See what happens, tell them "oh I hate racism" and see what they do with their .45's...


You freaking pansy... You sit on your arse and criticize some cartoonist for being racist... Because it makes you feel better. Ha, go out there and do some real shit. Go call someone who can beat, or kill, the shit out of you. Not some cartoonist.

There's a whole history of people looking down on you and I can tell you what their judgement is: "unworthy."

Greyhair said...

Folks, the above comment comes from what is called a "nutbar".

Dear nutbar, you're young, ignorant and have no idea who I am or what I've done. You are obviously in very good physical condition because your leaps of imagination and the conclusions you jump to are enormous!

Fortunately, you are a minority .... a growing minority. Please, keep up the rants and nutbarisms, it's what guarantees you stay on the outside!