Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Rubin In Pakistan

Barnett Rubin is an expert on Pakistan and has been there during the recent coup. His blog is worth a read if you want to know what's going on. This post is all about the Pakistani reaction to the U.S. during the Musharraf coup. Excerpt:

The most common feeling toward the U.S. I have encountered is a kind of anger mixed with disappointment. Pakistanis are angry at the U.S. and consider it hypocritical because it has consistently supported dictatorship in Pakistan. Many are also baffled and furious because they see clearly the complicity of part of the Pakistani security forces with the Taliban on both sides of the border and cannot comprehend U.S. continued support for that same military.
Anyone with with half a brain (which would leave out administration officials) can see that we get played like by people like Musharraf all the time (Chalabi anyone?) The rest of the world sees it as well which would explain a very large part of the international anti-Americanism. Extremists play this quite well, using it as a recruiting tool. The world is a far more dangerous place now than when Bush took office. Heckuva job Bushie!

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