Thursday, January 10, 2008

Heating Up

I've been suspecting that Iraq is about to heat up again. Recent stories of offensives, casualties and rhetoric seem to support this contention.

One thing that no one is mentioning anymore, probably out of pure fatigue, is the lying terminology still being used by the Pentagon, assisted by the media:

BAGHDAD (AFP) - A US commander on Wednesday said the number of "spectacular" assaults by Al-Qaeda in Iraq has increased although the overall number of attacks was down and 20 key militants have been killed or caught.
They don't know if these folks are "al Qaeda". And what's the difference between Sunni's insurgents and al Qaeda? But that doesn't keep the Pentagon from continuing to try to use the nomenclature of fear to maintain support for the occupation.

In any case, the war continues in the Whack-a-mole mode.

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