Monday, January 7, 2008

Phoney Politicing

There's only one problem with this kind of faux personal moment ..... it works with a lot of voters who are stupid enough to think it's genuine:

HENNIKER, NH -- The Clintons had a reverse Rudy-Judi moment this morning.

During a meeting with some local undecided voters, a cellphone starting ringing. "Is that mine?" Bill Clinton said, realizing it was. "It's probably her." He answered, but found no one there. "Only Hillary has my number, it couldn't be anyone else."

Sure enough, the phone rang again. "I'm at your meeting here," he explained, causing the crowd gathered at a local restaurant to roar. Clinton appeared to be listening intently, then said: "I'll tell them that. Okay, I love you."

Earlier, Clinton told the crowed that this election promises a choice for them. "Hillary doesn't think she's entitled to the presidency," he said. "She just wants you to make a choice, a knowing choice."

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