Friday, March 14, 2008

Light Reading

Actually, it is.

Anyway, here is an article explaining exactly why Afghanistan is an even worse prospect than Iraq. The article, written by an economic conservative of all people, hits the nail right on the head. The concluding graf:

As the situation in Iraq settles down - and it appears to be doing so - more focus will be drawn to Afghanistan, the war that even opponents of Iraq have acknowledged as appropriate and important. But it is important to understand what this war consists of: It is a holding action against an enemy that cannot be defeated (absent greater force than is available) with open lines of supply into a country allied with the United States. It is a holding action waiting for certain knowledge of the status of al Qaeda, knowledge that likely will not come. Afghanistan is a war without exit and a war without victory. The politics are impenetrable, and it is even difficult to figure out whether allies like Pakistan are intending to help or are capable of helping.

Thus, while it may be a better war than Iraq in some sense, it is not a war that can be won or even ended. It just goes on.
While I don't agree with the "Iraq is winding down thing", the rest is spot on.

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