Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Torture Watch

One of the main issues in torture that I think gets missed is it's efficacy. This statement is from John Rockefeller, head of the Senate intelligence committee:

"As Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, I have heard nothing to suggest that information obtained from enhanced interrogation techniques has prevented an imminent terrorist attack. And I have heard nothing that makes me think the information obtained from these techniques could not have been obtained through traditional interrogation methods used by military and law enforcement interrogators. On the other hand, I do know that coercive interrogations can lead detainees to provide false information in order to make the interrogation stop."
Does anyone seriously believe that if the administration had actually stopped a legitimate attack based on information obtained from torture, that they wouldn't have trumpeted it from the highest mountain top? Arguments of protecting sources, classified information and secrecy are B.S. Bush/Rove/Cheney would have found a way to let it be known that a serious attack was actually stopped due to the use of torture.

I recently watched the movie "Rendition", which perfectly captures the issue. Other than satisfying a lizard brain bloodlust for revenge, torture is simply uncivilized, wrong and, oh by the way, it plain doesn't work.

Added: Out of the mouth of an expert.

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