Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Six Signs

Is the Fallon resignation a sign of impending attack on Iran? Terry Atlas thinks so:

Terry Atlas blogs for U.S. News and World Report with "6 Signs the U.S. May Be Headed for War in Iran." They are: Fallon's resignation, Cheney's trip to the Middle East, the Israeli airstrike on Syria, U.S. warships off Lebanon, Israeli comments and Israel's war with Hezbollah.
Atlas explains each sign in detail and it's very interesting to read.

It wouldn't surprise me at all if Atlas is correct. Bush is just the kind of man who would want to go out in a hail of bullets and (in his mind) glory.

Here's Fromkin's suggested scenario:
It's still not really beyond Bush and Cheney to order a full-scale preemptive attack on Iran. But the more likely scenario is that there will be an asymmetrical U.S. response to a (possibly trumped up) Iranian provocation. And the most likely scenario is that the U.S. will encourage (or certainly not oppose) an Israeli attack on Iranian nuclear facilities -- which in turn would lead the U.S. to come to Israel's defense should Iran strike back.

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