Thursday, May 31, 2007

Here's a Shock

The CIA is trying to block the publication of Valerie Plame's memoir:

Valerie Wilson, the former Central Intelligence Agency operative at the heart of an investigation that reached into the White House, sued the agency in federal court in New York today over its refusal to allow her to publish a memoir that would discuss how long she worked for it.

Although that information is set out in an unclassified letter to Ms. Wilson that has been published in the Congressional Record, the C.I.A. insists that her dates of service remain classified and may not be mentioned in “Fair Game,” the memoir Ms. Wilson hopes to publish in October.
Here's the info they have their panties twisted about:
The letter was entered into the Congressional Record by Representative Jay Inslee, Democrat of Washington, in January 2007. It said that Ms. Wilson had worked for the government since November 9, 1985, for a total of “20 years, 7 days,” including “six years, one month and 29 days of overseas service.”
Let's review. Top government officials "out" her as an undercover CIA agent. But now the CIA won't let her publish a book because of information that is in the public domain already (including now, the NY Times)?

Hmmm. This just doesn't make sense. I'm soooo confused. Why in the world would the Bush administration be wanting to put unreasonable, irrational, roadblocks in the way of Valerie Plame?

Yet another lawsuit against the government for Plame.

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