Thursday, May 24, 2007

I Hear The Friedman Unit Generator

Glenn Greenwald has a must read post up about the wanker that is Joe Klein. Really, is there any other "liberal" pundit who is more wrong? I won't recount the info about what an idiot Klein is, you can read it yourself.

Beyond Klein, Glenn explains to us again what we all know:

But all that is going to happen In September is that we are going to await with bated breath for General David Petraeus -- he of infallible wisdom, judgment and honesty, and unquestionable objectivity -- to descend upon Washington and reveal whether there is Real Progress being made (by him) in Iraq. We are all going to leave partisanship and politics to the side and turn to the source who resides above all of that, the one who can be counted on to speak the Real Truth -- General David Petraeus.

And, needless to say, General Petraeus will, cautiously though emphatically, declare that progress is being made, though there is much work that remains to be done. And therefore we must redouble our resolve and stay until The Job is Done.

Do Generals ever say that they are failing in their mission and that their wars have become hopeless? Petraeus himself has repeatedly said that his Surge Strategy will require far more than a few months to succeed. By its very terms, it cannot have failed by September. He has already come to Washington and declared improvements, and his senior military officials are sending their pets, such as Joe Klein, to Time with exciting new reports about Al-Qeada being on the run. That is but a preview of the dramatic and electrifying film to be released in September.
Exactly. Bush has co-opted Petraeus like he does everyone. Anyone with a shred of credibility and respect who then joins the administration is used like kleenex and then thrown out. Petraeus hasn't learned anything from Powell, Tenet, or any number of other former administration officials who once had respect. He's swallowed the kool-aid and will use his remaining credibility to keep the war going until Bush is no longer on the hot seat.

In September when Petraeus does the Bush waltz, Republicans will then support the Preznit and Democractic "moderates" will wet their pants at the idea of standing up to Bush. In the previous sentence, I almost wrote Democratic radicals but of course that would be totally wrong as those advocating the end of the war are in the mainstream. The radicals are the head-in-the-sand (literally) might-makes-right idiots in Washington.

I've always suspected that this war is going to be the mess that the next President cleans up. And of course that would be a perfect strategy to save Republicans as then it's a Democratic war and the liberals cut n' run, all reinforcing the meme's the GOP has carefully cultivated for years. And all that particular marketing campaign will cost is 2000 more soldiers lives, untold civilian lives and several hundred billion more dollars.

I'm not hopeless but I am pessimistic. But I personally intend to continue to do anything I can to pressure all politicians to end this stupid freakin' war.

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