Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Wait Wait Wait Just a Minute

Am I nuts, or did Bush really say this today:

"Our intelligence community reports that a senior al-Qaida leader, Abu Faraj al-Libi, went further and suggested that bin Laden actually send Rabia, himself, to Iraq to help plan external operations," Bush said. "Abu Faraj later speculated that if this effort proved successful, al-Qaida might one day prepare the majority of its external operations from Iraq."
Where to start.

First, Richard Clark was on the radio today saying that of the total insurgency in Iraq, probably 500 or so are actually al Qaeda vs. the tens or hundreds of thousands of insurgents. I have also read of several insurgent leaders who have openly said that if the U.S. gets out of the way, they'd take care of al Qaeda. None of the insurgent groups likes al Qaeda. The Sunni's only put up with them to the degree that they help them fight Shiites and the U.S. But let's set that aside a moment .... afterall we're used to Bush lying any time his lips are moving.

Didn't Iraq war opponents say since day one that Iraq would become a terrorism problem if we attacked? Iraq was not a terrorism problem before the invasion and now it is? If you had suggested what Bush said today in a GOP forum back before the war you would have been shouted down. Today the Preznit says it in a speech, confirming his strongest opponents criticisms?

It's really phenomenal to watch the most public sociopath ever to lie as easily as he breathes. It's astounding to watch those who still support him and their naivete/stupidity. During a time of "up is downism", this one bears special notice.

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