Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Just Supposin'

Let's do some supposin' for a minute ....

Suppose you're an Iraq insurgent leader. Let's suppose that it's your goal of attaining power, hopefully all of it, in Iraq. Let's suppose that one of the larger obstacles to your goal is the U.S. army that is propping up the current corrupt government. Let's suppose you set on a strategy of waiting out the U.S. while reloading given your knowledge that the U.S. is likely to withdraw in 2009, after Presidential elections.

Now. Let's suppose that you carefully watched a preening cock-of-the-walk John McCain visiting Iraq last week loudly proclaiming impending victory due to the hugely successful "surge", ballyhooing how "peaceful" Iraq has become, and a commitment to continue occupation of Iraq for 100 years. Coincident with the observation, you also happen to notice that the U.S. media has swallowed to Kool-aid on Iraq and is busily covering such earth shaking stories as Ashley Dupre'.

What would you do?

If I sensed there was genuine momentum to continue the occupation in Iraq, I might actually start to insure that Iraq returns to the headlines in the U.S.

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