Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Crux Of The Debate

This seems to be the crux of the current Democratic debate:

"You're going to spend this whole summer - and lots of money and time and effort - trying to convince people that whoever isn't eventually nominated, isn't electable. That's a heck of a hole to climb out of come the first of September. What's been going on for the last 90 days just gets worse and worse as the summer goes on."

-- Tennessee Gov. Phil Bredesen (D), quoted by The Politico.
I don't think it's totally true yet, but I believe that as time goes forward it gets more and more true. At some point, party heavy weights are going to have to step in and say basta. And it's highly likely that the recipient of the message will be the Clintons, who may not take it so well.

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