Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Makes Sense

Digby has a great post of up about American militarism, particularly detailing McCain's penchant for following in the neo-con Vulcan footsteps, that I think bears reading.

This graf particularly caught my attention:

The FT article indicates that Europeans are seriously concerned that the US is going to cement its reputation as a rogue superpower by electing McCain. That should be out primary concern above all else in November. Electing McCain will definitely make this country less safe as the rest of the world comes to realize that they are going to have to band together to contain us. Even our allies are skeptical of our motives and a powerful country always breeds suspicion. But there has now been enough distance from 9/11, and Iraq has been such an epic cock-up, that there can be no more question: if the American people validate this policy again, we will have told the world "bring it on." I don't think that makes us stronger or safer, do you?
We've already seen evidence of this in the "Eurozone" with economic counter forces.

Like it or not, a clear eye view of American history is rife with rampant aggression. The home of the free and land of the brave is visualized in an image that certainly contains a gun. If the U.S., in it's cultural fear of it's own shadow, continues to indulge that violent side of our natures, someone (or a bunch of someones grouping together i.e. China, Iran, Russia, the Europeans) are going to take on the job of "containing" us.

And rightly so.

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