Thursday, March 27, 2008

Yeah, Why Can't We?

William Arkin has a nice post up today about the military's passive-aggressive defiance of administration policy and makes the case that they've given up on Iraq. This question was particularly interesting:

The pause is an admonishment of President Bush for disagreeing with the professional military as to what is best for the professional military. I worry that the military is undermining civilian authority with its passive-aggressive and self-interested approach. Why aren't our two-million-strong military and our half a trillion dollars enough to sustain 160,000 troops in Iraq and fight a mere counter-insurgency?
Arkin's answer is that the military knows Iraq is "unwinable" and is simply waiting out Bush's tenure. Sounds about right to me. Wonder how the soldiers and their families feel about being on the firing line during the next year or two?

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