Thursday, April 24, 2008


This is rich. Only in the age of the internet would you become aware of such ironies.

Today McCain is out vowing "never again" to the Katrina survivors in New Orleans.

NEW ORLEANS (AP) -- Republican presidential candidate John McCain took stock of still-hurricane-damaged areas of New Orleans on Thursday and declared that if the disaster had happened on his watch, he would have immediately landed at the nearest Air Force base, drawing a sharp contrast to President Bush's handling of the tragedy.

McCain called the response to Hurricane Katrina "a perfect storm" of mismanagement by federal, state and local governments.
Fair enough.

Now this is where it gets good. Guess where McCain was on Aug. 29th when Katrina was pounding New Orleans?
It was Aug. 29, McCain’s 69th birthday, and on the tarmac, Bush presented his old political rival with a cake. The two posed, holding the cake up for cameras, and within seconds, went their separate ways. The cake, melting in the 110-degree Arizona heat, was left behind, uneaten.
Heckuva Job McCainy!

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