Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Spitzer in a Nutshell

I love it when well-informed and researched bloggers cut through the garbage and summarize a situation. Here is one on Elliot Spitzer:

The last month has been difficult for the Democrats. First, the wild and reckless behavior of Elliot Spitzer ended his promising political career. The press was so busy with breathless details about the lady in question that there was little mainstream reporting about the role of Roger Stone, the GOP hit man in that saga. Stone allegedly headed a $2.2 million undercover effort complete with private investigators aimed at Spitzer. Stone then turned his information over to the FBI. The Bush Justice Department would never engage in partisan politics, of course, but let us see when the FBI next wiretaps an escort agency.
As they say, go read the whole thing about other atrocities revealed.

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