Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Shadow Vote

Here's more on, what I contend will be, the determinate of Hillary staying in the race or not:

The Wall Street Journal notes a new financial report showed Sen. Hillary Clinton's campaign "struggling for cash. That could limit her ability to stay competitive in the final nine Democratic contests with Barack Obama, who has considerably more money to spend on advertising and organization."

Obama reported that he had $42 million available at the end of March to spend on the primaries. Clinton's filing showed she had only $8 million in the bank and debts of $10.3 million to outside vendors.
Obama is killing her in fund raising. This is the party insiders, activitists and key players voting. More evidence:
The Los Angeles Times: "Obama strategists said Monday that they expected to announce a series of additional endorsements by uncommitted superdelegates shortly after Pennsylvania votes. A strong showing by Obama in Pennsylvania would give superdelegates more comfort in coming forward, but a bad loss might send them back to the assessment stage."

Meanwhile, the Washington Post quotes Democratic strategist Tad Devine predicting a new wave of superdelegate support going to Obama.

Said Devine: "Unless Obama collapses between now and then, I believe they will move quickly after the voting is done in June, and move towards him. That will be the third wave of superdelegate movement, and whoever wins the third wave will win the nomination. This fight will not go to the convention."
They'll read the Pennsylvania results the way they want to, then use it as the reason to back Obama.

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